Available Wines


Our Kirsche is born in the style of Old World beverage, this sweet dessert cherry wine is crafted from ripe northern cherries and blended with brandy to intensify the flavor.  The cherries are first frozen to assist in the extraction of color and flavor from the skins. Thawed and pressed, then fermented in stainless steel. Halfway through fermentation, 185 proof neutral grape brandy spirits are added to stop fermentation.

Pairings: Serve chilled with rich chocolate or chocolate cheesecake or Black Forest chocolate cake.




Our Traditional Sweet Mead is fermented from Texas sourced honey that has been collected from busy bees and is then fermented. This wine is complete with hints of floral and citrus notes.

Pairings: Serve chilled with chicken, white fish, or dessert.





Traditional Sweet Mead has a sexy older sibling. This wine takes our Traditional Sweet Mead to the next level by blending in fresh squeezed orange juice to bring out the bouquet.

Pairings: Served chilled with chicken, white fish, or a lazy Sunday afternoon.




Our Viognier is a full-bodied wine brimming with crisp fruity flavors such as tangerine, mango, and pineapple. An excellent choice for a garden party wine to enjoy with friends, old and new.

Pairings: Served chilled with seafood, chicken, veal, pork, and Asian cuisine.





Our Moscato is a semi-sweet wine bursting with aromas and flavors of fruit such as peach and orange. An excellent wine to enjoy with friends over delightful conversations during a summer night.

Pairings: Served chilled with fish, poultry, or pork dishes.




Our Rosé is a dry wine carefully made by leaving the skins in the juice for a very specific period of time to produce a lively light red color. It is a medium body wine complete with hints of strawberry, melon, and a touch of spices.

Pairings: Served chilled with chicken, pork, or your favorite salad.





Our Cellars Blush is crafted by leaving the skins of the grapes on the must for a precise period of time to extract the delicate red hue and enhance the mouthfeel. The wine has a crisp finish, with abundant berry aromas and flavors.

Pairings: Served chilled with fish or poultry dishes.




Our Sangiovese is crafted using a deep red grape resulting in a rich, full-bodied dry wine. This vintage is oaked in select barrels, producing a finish with aromas of plum, black cherry, and spices.

Pairings: Serve at room temperature with your favorite Italian cuisine.





Our Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied wine filled with flavors of black cherries, black currents, and bell pepper. Considered as the “King of Grapes”, this wine is aged in oak barrels to bring out its best in aromas and flavors.

Pairings: Served at room temperature with steak, lamb, or seared ahi tuna.